Hi Everyone,

It’s Grace again. In my last post we explored the damage of stress and ways to avoid stress in the mundane, such as using our peripheral vision. This time I am back to try and give you a very simple and accessible technique to release stress.

When we are threatened our body releases stress hormones to assist our response. These hormones do not dissipate naturally. Therefore, our body literally stores trauma within. Do we think our body was designed to be forever polluted by stress? Of course not! We are supposed to undergo a process of shaking to omit the trauma from our bodies. However, we have been conditioned not to allow this innate response. Robert M. Sapolsky wrote Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers and the conclusion is clear; their natural instinct invokes shaking. For a moment, think about the stress you have encountered today, yesterday or in the past week. Now consider how much trauma you will have accumulated in your body over your lifetime. However, do not panic- that would be utterly ironic! This blog is aimed to be realistic, as well as encouraging. Our bodies are incredible things, all we have to do is harness our innate abilities to allow ourselves to flourish.

Henceforth, let us look at how we ‘shake it off’. All we have to do is go through a serious of exercises to stimulate the natural response from our bodies. I do not claim to be qualified in teaching this technique. However, there is an expanse of information available online which can inform you more about the science behind shaking and talk you through various exercises to induce a state of shaking. I recommend looking up Dr. David Berceli. For instance, this 13 minute video shows you a series of exercises to do so your body is ready to shake (https://youtu.be/FeUioDuJjFI).

This may all seem like absolute codswallop, but I promise it is a very natural and normal process. Once you have gone through a series of exercises you simply lie on your back with your legs bent and your legs normally start shaking. Afterwards you feel lighter, even though you didn’t know you felt heavy. From my experience it has really helped me sleep, perhaps because my body no longer had to store all the stress from the day as I was trying to relax into a sleep. It only takes about 20 minutes, shorter once your body is reminded of what is happening and it will be so beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. We have to harness our innate instincts and powers to allow our bodies to be the best. So why not give this practice a go? Really, what do you have to loose other than a nice session stretching if you don’t feel as if it works for you?

Please do let us know if you find it works for you. We have to look out for and encourage everyone who is looking to let their bodies flourish. Let’s shake, not stress.

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